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                                            ¡¡Company dynamic£ºwarmly celebrate jinzhou dong yu science

                                            ¡¡Our company grew out of Jinzhou Photo-electricity Technology Institute. Jinzhou DongYu Science and Technology Development co., ltd. was set up in 1995 due to larger scale. M88 series are the proprietary products of Jinzhou Photo-electricity Technology Institute. We have been insisting the innovation and improving the quality of products for 20 years. Soft Ceramics Friction Discs and knife edge discs of M88 series have reached advanced international standards.
                                            ¡¡Our company produces the high-class Soft Ceramics Friction Discs of M88 series, which is made of world-class materials from Japan and Germany. Nowadays, over hundreds of chemical fiber enterprises are using our products, which are in short supply all the time, and bring the high speed, high quality and high return to our users. DongYu Soft Ceramics Friction Discs is the outstanding...


                                            1. Imported raw materials: On the condition of high-speed spinning, the high quality micro-crystal ceramic material imported from foreign could meet all the techniques demands, including high temperature driving performance, friction performance, wear-resistant and anti-static performance. It could still provide high quality spinning when the speed of machine is over 850 meter per minute, and you could replace imported discs by it absolutely£®
                                            2. Intense consistency: It has consistency with false-twist, so the spinning is stable and durable in use.
                                            3. Good adaptability: It has good adaptability with setting speed and sphere of draw, and be used widely for filament yarns products of Polyamide fiber and Terylene.
                                            4. Reasonable figure design: Little ¡°white powder¡± because of reasonable figure design. Easy to start up friction discs system because of particular monolithic construction, no reed mark in high speed.
                                            5. Particular surface treatment: The friction discs are not damaged by high speed spinning when the false-twist shaft is stopping, because of surface treatment for discs.
                                            6. Brand new Forming technology: Due to the brand new Forming technology, leading-in discs, working discs and knife edge discs have good work performance, which are suitable for all famous false-twist machines.
                                            7. Testing instruments in high class: We equipped all kinds of advanced testing instruments in order to provide high-accuracy products for our users, and we imported scores of British (the 73 model of Tai Lv Lang) all purpose circularity measuring machine, the precision is 0.025 microns.

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